Mirta Legrand isn't happy with Macri

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  • She says she feels disappointed with the economy and that, with all the great economists in the government, surely they can get this right. She's mainly referring to the increases in utility bills and supermarket prices of course, which she says are being re-priced all the time as if we were living with hyperinflation, which is stretching the truth somewhat, I might add.

    And here's the rub - she doesn't go to supermarkets herself, but she knows a friend that does. That one confession nailed it for me and just goes to show how out of touch the old dinosaur really is, in spite of the fact that almost everybody lends an enormous amount of credence to her opinion as if she's some kind of grandmotherly political thermometer.

    I really can't bear it when wealthy celebrities wearing gold lamé and festooned with jewelry try to put themselves forward as the ordinary Joe (or Jill in this case) when they don't even do their own shopping.

    Yet everyone wants to be on her show, which I may now have to watch, simply to inform myself about this woman a little more.

  • In general I agree re listening to the opinions of dinosaurs (me excepted, of course - my wisdom has only grown with the passing years).

    I’d make an exception for Mirtha: getting to 91 and still remembering where she put her teeth the night before does qualify her opinions as wisdom. And let’s remember that this is Argentina, where entire governments cannot remember where they left a few billion dollars, and the most popular singer died in 1935.

    Normal logic does not apply.

  • Ms Legrand is today apparently celebrating a 'historic' anniversary of 50 years of lunches on TV, so here's a selection of reader comments from Clarin which rather took my fancy.