Where the dollar sign came from

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  • This week I ran across a site that keeps looping me into further links. At some point, this popped up: http://www.todayifoundout.com/…e-dollar-sign-comes-from/

    Spanish peso coins were designated (plural) as a 'p' followed by a superscript 's,' which eventually became entertwined, then abbreviated to an 's' with a single or double vertical slash taking the place of the 'p.' Because Spanish coins were commonly used in North America, with a 1:1 value with the dollar, the symbol that now is used as a dollar sign was adopted.

    (The original site that led me down the time-devouring path is called simply "Today I Found Out: Feed Your Brain."

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  • Thank you for the warning. Do they have a good recipe for milanesa?

  • I had always known that the vertical bar in the dollar sign was to indicate stability, which is why the euro symbol has two horizontal bars. I think I heard that when the euro was introduced in 2001. Interesting stuff, anyway.