A statement from the association of professional thieves

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    The association of thieves, robbers and biker thieves.

    The Association congratulates and thanks the government for the new measures that facilitate the performance of all workers and crime professionals. Since from now on people will be more confident if they see a biker with a vest, while they are on and off with a stolen motorcycle and with the fake or stolen vest too,

    -As the police are already monitoring the fools without vests, our boys will avoid being stopped by the circulating ones with false or stolen vests.

    -If you go out to work with a fake or stolen vest and are taken by a surveillance camera, the real owner will have the whole legal problem, not the delinquent partner

    -It is recommended that associates who steal a motorbike, demand the delivery of the vest to facilitate stealing the vehicle quietly once in our possession.

    -It becomes clear, moving on to another issue that the politicians are not affiliated, they have another union called LEGISLATURA and they circulate in 4x4 and high-range vehicles.


    "Friends of others"

    Thanks to Google translate.