Cablevision Flow

  • If you subscribe to Cablevision they now offer Flow, a new on demand streaming service for all your devices. We have the HD version with Fibertel too, so I downloaded the Android app after reading and almost 90% negative feedback list of reviews.

    I then installed a Google Chrome plugin which you're directed to anyway, which is the only browser it works with apparently, activated it and took a poke around.

    I'm impressed with the content which is extensive and many new series and films are on offer, including stuff that you won't see on Netflix for a while. You also get live sport and news; in fact everything you'd see on your Cablevision subscription anyway.

    There's only one snag so far in that it keeps returning to the login screen and disabling Adblock didn't help. This doesn't happen during a show, just when you're browsing through Flow.

    Anyway, I'll keep poking around and see how it goes; it is free after all, but not a real cable-cutter because I assume you need to subscribe to the full service, rather than simply Flow alone.

    Oh and it's free if you subscribe to Cablevision HD.