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  • Interesting comment about supplements for paying with credit cards above.

    Our local deli which isnt cheap is now charging an extra 13% for payment with C/C.

    I can understand that a supplement might be needed but I think 13% is a bit much.

    I told the owner that unless he sorted something out I would be shopping less.

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    I can understand that a supplement might be needed but I think 13% is a bit much.

    The mercadolibre and posnets machines add 5-6% to their cost, and stores take advantage when they say 10-15%. I remember that is what happened more often in past. I do the same as you, and stop shopping those places.

    We have had SodaStream for many years. The replacement co2 canisters are ridiculous priced in USA, but have always been a little cheaper here. Recently with the MEP rate they have been very cheap. They ship door to door. Made in Israel but priced as though there is no import tax.

  • It has always struck me as strange that so many grocery stores, cinemas, ice cream shops, and restaurants have had sweetheart deals with certain credit cards on certain days, offering sometimes as much as 40% off if you pay with those cards. Meanwhile, although it is cheaper for merchants to take cash, there are rarely cash discounts. And now, they are starting to add a “convenience charge” if you pay with a credit card, but still no acknowledgement that you are saving them money if you fork out pesos.

  • Our gas fired water heater which is in the attic, started a leak this morning and I think it's had it. Just as well I managed to shut it down in time before the ceilings came down!

    We bought a new on on Mercadolibre straight away at $168k. Mind you, the old one must be at least 15 years old, so not bad going really.

    Pots and pans for hot water for the next couple of days.