Talk about today

  • I apologize for being fixated on the feet of the really tall guy. Are his shoes actually feet painted white?

    Well seen you're a townie. He's wearing white alpargatas which is very usual for countryside folk. I've had several and wear them every day about the house and garden. Although mine at the moment are maroon and blue. White is not a good idea unless you love washing!! :D


  • I am quite familiar with alpsrgatas, which are worn in the city as well, the minute summer is declared. But I could swear I was looking at toes!

    Do you have a toe fetish Rice? 8o

    You could well be right. I was more interested in watching the females!!

  • Pepe our little rascal escaped out the front door and ran away today with the missus in hot pursuit. A gentleman who was passing on his Honda witnessed the episode and immediately turned around his bike and gave chase. He managed to corner the little bugger which allowed the out of breath missus to grab hold of him.

    It says a lot when a total stranger is willing to help you out....the big plus of living here. :thumbup:


  • In the UK at the moment the government opposition are making great fuss over a Tory Xmas party video prank that went wrong. While in Argentina fuck all seems to happen when politicins are suspected of stealing billions of dollars and committing other dastardly deeds. :rolleyes: