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  • Yes you'd need to have a screw loose to want to be President of Argentina. :whacky:

    I was reading Wikipedia's page on Cristina in English and it says that rumors about her bipolarism started spreading after her irregular appearance in public (sometimes always on stage, followed by weeks of no sight of her). And they were able to find out who was her psychiatrist... who died in 2010 (can I say - how convenient?) while she said it was all a misunderstanding and it is her sister who is bipolar....

    May be a case of multiple personalities, instead?

  • First I collected a game on Av Santa Fe, then down to Villa Devoto for some bike parts, then Villa Urquiza for some saddle bags, but didn't buy them because they wanted to slap 7% on the price when paying with Meradopago. So I went and back to Villa Devoto and bought the same bags with no surcharge and very good they are too!

    The usual traffic on Grl Paz, but easy on a bike.

  • Thanks daniel , I like to keep it shiny.

    Today I went for a spin over to San Antonio de Areco which isn't all that far since I didn't leave until 1330. It was a lovely sunny day with a cooling breeze, but an awful lot of traffic on Panamericana.

    It's not my favourite road because they drive like lunatics, but it's the only option to get places. Next time I'll leave much earlier and head for Chivilcoy and that first 100kms coffee, which is always a good target to aim for in the morning.

    It's always a pleasure to escape the urban jungle and once you get past Pilar, which usually takes me around 40 minutes, you're in the endless green plains. I also filmed most of the trip with the GoPro, so once I've edited it down I'll upload it to YouTube.


    On the way back I stopped at a small farm shop (Aleman) and bought some country cheese, about 500gms for $250. Very nice it is too!


    I was also trying out the best positions for the camera - either on the handle bar or chest mounted, which gives the viewer more of a sensation of being on the bike.

  • Over the last few weeks we've had a rather unpleasant ant problem in the house.

    It started in the spare bedroom/office where small anthills were appearing (granules of earth in the room), so eventually I blocked off all their tiny holes, until they found others which I also blocked off.

    Then they went for the bathroom as an alternative plan, so I did the same, but I must have missed some bits. They like the gaps in skirting boards and door frames where they're not flush with the tiles.

    Yesterday morning, when I woke up, I headed for the bathroom and jumped back in alarm to find them swarming all over the walls and floor. Not a pleasant sight at 7 am, so I zapped them all with Raid and cleared them up (there were thousands of the buggers). I'll now have to seal the door frame where I could see them crawling out, hoping that they won't find another exit point.

    Makes your skin crawl actually.

    Don't look if it's too early for bugs!

  • Yikes! We have had ants both in San Isidro in the first apartment and here. We are on the 2nd floor. In San Isidro they were coming out from the hole in the wall where the gas pipe was.

    Here as well, and also from around tony holes in the tiles around the bathtub.

    They were a lot smaller than those. In San Isidro there was disinfestation every month, both inside and outside the building.

    Here they come once in a while, but never inside the units.

  • My wife spends a fortune on Raid...she has at least one of every type always on hand. We used to get very small ants in the kitchen coming out of the wall and the side of the window frame but constant spraying of Raid got rid of the little buggers. I'm always on the look out for early signs of their arrival and spray if I see anything. The house out in the countryside is a nightmare for ants especially the much so I wouldn't stay there. Those are the big ones.

    In Glasgow I never ever saw an ant.

  • The bites from the tiny ones are ten times worse. I picked up the cat last week after she'd spent all day sleeping on the roof and got an ant bite from one she had on her fur...not the first time that's happened.

    Then there's also the cockroaches, flies and mosquitos to deal with.

  • Serafina enjoys watching tiny ants on the terrace. It is one of her favorite past times. My husband doesn't share the same interest and raid them all.

    When last year we spent the summer in Mar del Plata, our house was invaded by tiny spiders. My hubby spent weeks chasing and raid-ing them, but they are still appearing every now and then. I suppose that non-sealed windows do not help, too. We are also on the last floor, and have plants on the terrace.

    When they become bigger, they kill the bees. I realized it when I caught a spider trapping a bee.

    I thought I was finding dead bees because of pollution or chemicals.

  • I found the gap in the bathroom door frame and sealed it up using a sealant gun, together with a few other gaps where the wall tiles meet the floor.

    I'm well used to this now as I had to do the same to keep the cockroaches from sneaking out through the gaps around the bath and shower. Same with the tiny ants which were previously swarming through the tap and shower head mechanism. I had the whole lot off, sealed everything, belt and braces, and they havent returned to that spot.

    Let's hope my latest efforts work.

    Oh and while I remember, last night I spotted a huge ant trail leading to a hole just under our bedroom window on the pavement, so I gave that a generous dose of ant powder. That could have been the original problem of course as I hadn't noticed them during the day. Must be the night shift.

  • The wife just came back and said she nearly knocked down a horse. It's usual to see horses in the town even close to the centre. Their owners let them graze on grass growing on the spare plots of land in between houses/buildings. This one seemed to have gotten a fright and broke its tether.

    Our car in being repaired at the moment is enough without the mother in laws joining it.

  • A New Year's message from Mauri.