Starbuck’s Screwup

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  • Probably everyone’s aware by now. A Starbucks in Philadelphia had two guys arrested because they wanted to use the bathroom but hadn’t purchased anything. Was it racial? Probably, although I haven’t heard about the ethnicity of the Starbucks’ people who made the complaint. In any event, if these guys are interested in owning a coffee store chain, here’s their chance.

    If it was not racially-motivated, then it was just very stupid; if it was, it was a couple of galaxies beyond stupid. Still, it’s possible to take something positive away from this.

    No one can get away with this crap any more!

    Hey, if that’s not positive, I don’t know what is.

  • Disturbing to know that blatant racism is still alive and well in the USA and what must the police officers have been thinking when they slapped on the cuffs?

    And what exactly was going through the employee's mind when they called the cops?

    I know many watering holes have signs up about toilets being for customers only and do they love to enforce that rule.

    Only this morning I stopped the bike at am Esso on Grl Paz as I needed a leak and headed straight for the cafeteria WC, but fortunately this country is realistic about the call of nature and no one bats an eyelid.

    They can be a bit funny in the UK too, but I've never heard of anyone being arrested, not even black people.

    Fucking shameful.

  • We need to be a bit cautious in declaring racism. The appearance is there, of course, but let’s factor in Philadelphia, with a high percentage of citizens who can rightly note “asshole” under Ethnic Origin. Couple that with the near-insane obsession of some businesses to enforce the “customers only” loo policy, and we may have less than meets the eye here.

    And to my point: if it was racism-inspired, how spectacularly unsuccessful were the results.

  • I haven been in McDonald's where you had to ask for the key to access the bathroom. I believed it was because the bathroom were upstairs and people went there to do drugs.

    I cannot remember in what country that was, but it was 20 years ago in Europe.