How to deal with your contador

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  • I have been asking to several contadores to help me with my tax returns in Argentina, but they have all been asking for a monthly fee higher than the monotributo monthly contribution so I have always postponed.

    Is this common and necessary? I do not have a complicate situation.When I worked abroad, I have always paid an accountant the tax due month, but not for 12 months a year. I know companies and people with complicated tax schemes need assistance all over, but why do a simple monotributo needs professional assistance around the clock? Should I look better?

  • My accountant is Mr Jose Maria Estruga, his e mail is

    He requires a moderate price for the service of your Monotributo Tax. I paid for the whole 2017 about Pesos 2.000.- (which is about 140 per month). And also he does the Personal Properties tax as well.

    I kindly suggest to get in contact with him. You can tell him who I am.