Should abortion be made legal in Argentina?

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  • I was actually shocked that abortion was illegal in Argentina and the news made me slightly uncomfortable. I could always take a plane and head back to my home country if I needed, but what about those who cannot?
    With the increase of poor people, abortion should have been made legal a long time ago, instead of giving out incentives for poor people to have more poor children.

  • That's a hot topic, highly complicated by the fact that Argentina is a Catholic country.

    Because the USA so emphasizes separation of church and state, it seems logical that abortion, which is not considered immoral by many, should be legal, leaving each person to make her own moral decision. Making abortion illegal increases the chances that women who do not see it as wrong, will seek unsafe abortions. The thinking leading up to the legalization of abortion in the US was that abortion should be "legal, safe, and rare."

    Italy legalized abortion in 1978. Is it a more Catholic country than Argentina? To what extent IS Argentina Catholic? By virtue of history? Population? Custom? Laws?

  • Argentina's excuse that they are a Catholic country doesn't hold it for me. Italy is a far more catholic country and abortion is legal. However, physicians can decide to not practice abortion if this goes against their moral values. Sometimes it is hard to find a hospital with a non-objector physician and plans to always have one non-objector physician on call are hardly realized.

    Generally speaking, it is easier to find one in bigger hospital in big cities, and in the north of the country.

    This is valid also for the abortion pill.
    I was surprised that in Argentina they have a sort of abortion pill sold freely.
    Basically, it is a pill that inhibit fecund action if it has not happened yet, but that won't do anything if fecundation has already happened. I don't think this is much of a solution, you may as well play Russian roulette.

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  • in my opinion if you cross the red line of the sacredness of the human life, you can do anything you want if you have a majority in the Parliament.

    The question is not about religious beliefs. Is inside the Western Civilization, from about 100 years back. (Yes of course, anyone could argue about both World Wars, but this is not the point.

    In the USA, Protestants are also against the legal abortion. It is not ony a Catholic question.

    The possible results is that if you allow legal abortion, why you let live a children with a Dawn Syndrome, or a misformed one? Of course we know that the life of that children surely will cost a lot more than a normal one, and the family or the State will have to pay for it.

    The same could happen with the aged persons. Assume that Mr. Jones has 85 years, and he is still well, and all his life was plenty of joyc. Well, the State could say : Mr Jones, you lived very well. It is high time to leave a place for another who is attending your retiree fund. We shall kill you by euthanasia, no pain at all. No hard feelings, of course. No charges for the funeral.

    That is a Domino effect. Crossing the red line puts the Western Civilization close to eugenetics as understood by Hitler and his racial policies.

    As regards Italy, I see that because the reluctance to have childs, Italians as I know will become a minority. Just take a bus in Rome: 40 % of the passengers looks different from the typical Italian.

    Perhaps in 2050 the Italy I knew will be completely different. Of course, I dislike this.

    Another inconsistency is that the man who raped a woman will stay, at the worst, in Jail. The boy inside the womb is condemned to death penalty. I do not see any justice in this case.

    The only solution in my point of vue is to increase anticonception policies and educate the women to take high care of this. The other one, (Chastity) proves to be impossible.

  • I don't see abortion as the end of civilization. Like it or not, it has been around since the history of human kind (or at least since we connected the dots and saw the relationship between sex and getting pregnant). There is no point in fighting it, but to make it legal.

    About aging population, I find absurd that elders have free healthcare (in Italy) and fill in hospitals while there are young people who should pay for healthcare and have to wait long times because all of the spots are taken by people who don't need exams.

    Elders go to the doctors to seek company or to complain about the natural body decay. The doctor wants to get rid of the patient, and the easiest way is to prescribe him/her exams.

    The patient is happy because he thinks the doctor cares and has found something to keep busy at for a few weeks: now he has to book an appointment (and tell and complain about this with friends!), go to the appointment (and tell and complain about this with friends), go collect the results (and tell and complain about this with friends), brings the results to the doctor and find out they are just old (and tell and complain about this with friends).

    There are some states, I recall Sweden, that over 70 years old reduces free healthcare.

    I believe your line of thought only includes children which are conceived by careless people having casual sex and not the case of raping, abuse, ignorance which are the most cases. In these cases, the woman had NO control on the situation in the first instance, and I believe she has the right to get out of it.

    Poor or rich, legally or illegally, women find a way out of it. Or would you rather have unwanted children born to a reluctant mother? Happiness over life, that's my life of thinking. Otherwise we are no better than apes.