Industrial-styled wooden and metal desk

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  • I am in need of a desk and I have quite made up my mind on this one style with repurposed wood and iron frame.

    This is a photo from Pinterest but this style is quite popular also in Buenos Aires, especially in beer places in Palermo, so there are plenty of makers. Just on Facebook, it is plenty of pages called muebles hierro y madera, muebles madera y hierro, muebles MyH, etc. you get the hang

    I have written to five of them with the specs, and so far the only one who replied is the one who has an online shop, so it is the most expensive one, for sure. I was quote 6,000 ARS.

    Maybe you know someone who is able to make one and to provide me with a quote. It seems ridiculous I can't get people to answer to a quote request... I'd like to get at least three before ordering.

  • Great idea. Added benefit would be the condensation rings on the wooden tabletop. Instant character! Industrial version of distressed furniture! I'm sure you are at the front of a trend.

    Oh! A thought -- if you approach the beer joint with your order during Happy Hour, you could get two for one!