Meaningful local and authentic food experiences

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  • Hi,

    As a way of introduction, I'm an investor and regional manager at Traveling Spoon, an online marketplace connecting millions of travelers around the world with meaningful local and authentic food experiences in people’s homes. TS offers in home meals with vetted hosts as well as in-home cooking classes and market tours across +95 destinations around the world.

    Together with Steph Lawrence and Aashi Vel, TS co-founders, we are expanding our host network in Argentina, and we are looking for Ambassadors to vet a long list of host candidates. Ambassadors meet with potential hosts and rate them, in exchange for a free Traveling Spoon experience. They have an unparalleled opportunity to meet local people, share their culture and taste traditional and home-made Argentine cuisine.

    We train Ambassadors with everything they need to gain detailed information about the host, their home, food, and experience, and their reviews help travelers understand exactly what to expect when they have a Traveling Spoon experience.

    TS ambassadors must be expats, travelers and photographers passionate about tasting delicious food and learning about local culinary traditions.

    Let me know if this sounds like you!


  • Absolutely EJLarson . In fact, our last Latin American media piece (at Revista Apertura) was titled "How does the culinary Airbnb works" (in spanish). It works the same way.

    Let me know if you want to get a better insight on TS and/or the Ambassador Program!



  • Hi Rice ,

    In general terms, I think that the TS experience goes beyond a high quality, home-made, private culinary experience, it is amazingly enriching from a cultural perspective. While Puertas Cerradas usually have several parties during the same evening, and the conversation with the local chef/owners is limited, the TS experience involves only one party, and the interaction with the chef/host is culturally intense.

    During my stay at Singapore I met the most incredible TS host, and it was the combination of great food and excellent conversation with Cindy, my host, and her family, which made my experience so unique.

    Also, the scope of activities in a TS experience is a bit more varied, it can range from a market visit and ingredients selection, to cooking classes and diner.

    Happy to answer any other question you might have about TS, our Host and Ambassador Programs!