Diccionario Bilingüe: Persico's Lexical Companion to Argentine Spanish

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  • American lexicographer Joseph Persico spent over a decade in Buenos Aires, where he decided to write the first porteño-English dictionary with over 2,400 entries. His works focuses on those regionalisms that can be found in the area of the City of Buenos Aires, and just 60% of the entries are also found in common English-Spanish dictionaries. Persico's dictionary is really one of a kind and you cannot not have it if you are a native English speaker with an interest for castellano rioplatense and lunfardo.

    The Persico's Lexical Companion to Argentine Spanish is available for sale both in Argentina and in the US in the US though Amazon Amazon for just 17.99USD. You can get updated information on where to find it in Buenos Aires on the book's facebook page.

    Perfil wrote an article on the book, available here.


  • This is a book I want in my library! Hope Mr. Persico finds this site. I think we'd all like to exchange ideas with him.

    Persico Persico Persico Persico Persico Persico Persico Persico Persico Persico Persico

    (Think he'll find us now?)

    serafina : both links go to the Perfil article. Amazon here.

    (Woops! Seems it's just available in Kindle format.)

  • I'll fix the link, thanks for the heads up. He will find us, but not because you've invoked him. I told him to join us here ;-).

    Let's see what works best!

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  • In his spare time when in Buenos Aires, does Mr. Persico make delicious ice cream?

    That's Persicco. I don't know why in Argentina they have to double Cs in Italian names, as CC doesn't even reproduce the Italian sound. They do the same with ZZ.

    Persicco, Lucciano, Vizzio - still makes my eye bleed every time I read them.

    Persico (one c) - the C is hard, like in /Persiko/

    Luciano (one c) - the C is sweet, like in Chicago /Lu-chee-a-no/

    Vizio (one z) - vee-zee-o

    By the way, persico is also this fish (Perca fluviatilis), in English called perch

    It can be found in Italian restaurants specialized in fish.