Would you like to see an integrated movie database add-on?

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  • Do you want the TMDb add-on and would you contribute to the cost? 4

    1. Yes (3) 75%
    2. No (1) 25%

    We're all movie buffs here, so would members like to have the option of a TMDb movie add-on that includes an option for your post/thread to add a movie or TV series in the post which can be rated by members?

    This add-on inserts a preview of the film/series as per the the attached images and offers all the information about the media in question that you'll need to know, with direct links to the TMDb website as well.

    The cost of the plugin and rating system is $33 and this could be shared between all of us.

  • I am not a movie buff and maybe we don't have too much of a crowd to vote about movies. However it does look very cool.

    Not sure of the 'extra' it would provide to our usual thread about movies.

  • I've seen it in action at the following forums and makes discussing films and TV series' (what's the plural of series?) a more colourful experience, with trailers, reviews and billboards. It's similar to IMDb in many respects.

    I'll chip in half as I really like this feature.

    Oops, forums using this, so you can see it in action:



  • On the surface, it appears to be a really great feature for those individuals who are movie buffs.

    However (and correct me if I am wrong) this movie database add-on concentrates on current movies and TV series.

    The older movies (and series) have much more appeal to me; so it is likely that this feature would not benefit me to any great extent.

    However having said that, I will vote "yes" in your Poll because as a Forum Member, it is my opinion that all forum members (of any forum) should do what they can to make the forum they are a member of, more interesting for everyone - including future members.

    So keep me in mind for "contributing to the cost" when it is time to do so.


  • As far as I can see it doesn't concentrate on any particular era of films. It's a database of every film ever made, but yes, it does like to keep current and the homepage will show the most popular current films and TV shows, much like IMDb does. The big difference being that TMDb is secure (https) and IMDb isn't, meaning we couldn't preview their films anyway.

    Since Netflix is now our default 'channel' at home, I find TMDb incredibly useful for general opinions especially since no one seems to review stuff on Netflix any more and if someone here posts a link or mentions a film we don't have to scurry around searching and can instead have the information readily at hand.

  • Rome, Open City



    ROME, OPEN CITY is a landmark in film history. Filmed in secrecy during the Nazi occupation of Italy, the film shows a realistic portrayal of the underground resistance in Italy in 1945. The film has strong impacting imagery with its mix of fiction and reality that strengthened Italian Neo-realism and the film industry. Read more


    • History
    • Drama

  • A great and struggling movie about WWII in Rome during Nazi occupation. A great Italian classic, which an iconic Scene by Anna Magnani (perhaps the greatest Italian actress ever). Highly recommended.

  • The big difference being that TMDb is secure (https) and IMDb isn't, meaning we couldn't preview their films anyway.

    Good to know that TMDb is secure (https) - thanks for mentioning that fact.

    Also that it has a database of every film made - hopefully that is true because this would be a very good "selling point" for me -

    supporting this add-on I mean.

    I recently purchased a favorite movie of mine which was made in 1979, the title: The Formula.

    Am wondering if that title would come up in the TMDb database?

    Anyway, The Formula is a great movie because of several reasons:

    Excellent script, great acting, and gives some interesting information on "big oil" (and some other things just as provocative if not more so).

    This movie unfortunately never got the recognition it should have; and there were some very powerful people at the time of its release who did not want it released; and the media and movie critics of course went along with that "sentiment".

    Additionally, this movie is just as "relevant" today as it was when it was made - in some respects, more so -

    very few movies produced are of this caliber.

  • The Formula



    A detective uncovers a formula that was devised by the Nazis in WW II to make gasoline from synthetic products, thereby eliminating the necessity for oil--and oil companies. A major oil company finds out about it and tries to destroy the formula and anyone who knows about it. Read more


    • Crime
    • Thriller

  • Like this you mean, with a stellar cast?

    I think I may need to see this.

    Yes! This is the movie I mentioned in Post #11. Thanks for posting it!!!

    There are several important things to prepare for before watching this movie -

    ONE: This movie cannot be completely absorbed or appreciated by watching just once or twice. I have watched it at least 8 times in approximately the last five years - and every time I watch it again I notice something which I had missed previously.

    TWO: There are what I call "sections" or parts to the movie - and each carries with it a message for the keen observer.

    THREE: To get the most enjoyment (and information) from this movie, it must be watched with absolute concentration!

    In other words, if there is some one with you whom has the nasty habit of talking to you while watching a movie, do not

    start watching this movie - wait until until you know you won't be distracted!

    The performances of George C. Scott, Marlon Brando, and John Gielgud are outstanding.

    The people who made (produced) this movie knew their "stuff"; and they had an important message to provide for the discerning viewer.

    Although there is the typical "disclaimer" associated within the movie credits - (ALL movies have them because without it, anyone associated with the movie could be (and in some cases most probably would be) not only sued, but quite possibly have their lives ruined) - there are several "facts" introduced (and sometimes not delicately so) which ... how shall I say ... "embarrassed" some powerful people (and countries - including of course the United States !

    NOTE: The above statement, i.e., "facts" - and others I have made in this Thread about this movie - are not just the ramblings of an

    "old coot" (not my own definition / description) was substantiated by Col. (Doctor) William J Wilson - a long time, personal friend

    of many years who served both in the U.S. Army and Navy from 1943 to 1976.


  • I'll bear all that in mind CruiseJunki when I get my hands on it.

    Not so easy to find as it happens and now I really need to see it. :scratchead:

    I purchased "The Formula" thru Amazon . There were only 10 copies (new) remaining after my purchase.

    Before that, I was able to view it via Netflix - I think.

    Additional movies which for several reasons are very interesting and worth watching are:

    "The Train" - with Burt Lancaster

    "Shadow Conspiracy" - with Charlie Sheen

    I am not a fan of Charlie Sheen, but the movie "Shadow Conspiracy" is really interesting (and thought provoking).

    For a long time (for at least the last 18 - 20 years) it was impossible to purchase or rent as certain people in "high places" did not like what the movie implied about the U.S. Government.

    It "disappeared" during the Bill Clinton Presidency; and has just re-surfaced recently.

    "The Train" is in several respects a "masterpiece" - and has to do with ART Masterpieces taken out of France during World War II

    Unfortunately (in my opinion) it was filmed in Black and White. This movie is great for "train buffs" (like me).