Bank on strike this Friday 6th

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  • On this Thursday afternoon, we walked 5 block to the nearest Santander branch and sign said it was out of service. The poor North American tourists in front of us were vigorously trying to open the door, without success. I pointed the sign to them and they were so sad because of the news. A mother and son duo approached, also very disappointed to find that the branch was closed. It was hot and the mother said 'I can't walk anymore' (she was in her 60s and severely overweight).

    So later during our errands we caught a bus, stopped earlier to visit at another branch, and this time the 'out of service' sign was accompanied by huge cartels glued everywhere (on the window glass and on the marble outside) announcing Abril 6 PARO.

    Though it was only Thursday afternoon, the strike was already on.

    I wonder how those tourists will survive for 3 days without cash in a country where cards are not easily accepted. I hope their vacation won't be spoiled by this inconvenience. Of course, they should have done their homework in advance, but it is so odd to find such behaviors in a developed city.:thumbdown:

  • Surely you can use ATMs here even if there is a strike?

    The glass doors to access the ATM from the street were locked and the FUERA DE SERVICIO sign was hanging on the door. At least the second branch had the decency to tell it was because of a strike. The tourists are still wandering trying to find a open ATM!

  • It's like Looney Tunes.

    I'm going to try the cashpoint down the road in the gallery next to Coto in a minute and report back.

    So, what about the ATMs in Martinez? We still haven't heard back on this one, so I guess you may be still wandering in search of the Holy ATM. ^^