Starting tomorrow, you should be able to use your cards anywhere

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  • Starting from April 1 2018, every monotributista offering mass-sales* should be able to accept debit and credit payments for any amount over $10 (ten pesos). Non-compliant professionals and stores can be reported and will face a fine from $300 to $30.000 and may be forced to close for some days.

    This is the last date to implement this reform which was announced over one year ago, in February 2017. However - the article says - no spike in the usage of ATMs was noted, just a mere +10%. Apparently, the old excuse 'the system is down' is still a favorite, together with a discount of 10% if you pay cash.

    As the article in La Nación explain, the seller's net collection will be slight more than 10% less of the purchase price once all costs (for the POS, the transaction, AFIP, etc.) are subtracted.

    *professionals such as translators do not need a POS, as they are likely to collect one or less payment per day, anyway.


  • I've never quite understood the credit card situation in Argentina. Shops and restaurants negotiate deals with various credit card companies, then offer discounts (sometimes up to 50%) to customers using those cards. Yet no discounts for cash in the same places. What ARE these deals between retailers and credit card companies???

  • Some suppliers of food, dress anad many others services accord deals with the banks in order to make publicity of their products. The Banks are those which periodically send you a newsletter telling that if you use your debit or credit card in such and such places yo should have a discount, normally 20/25 %

    Usually that is a mere trick, because they have imporved their prices before you arrived there to purchase some goods or service.

    However. supermarkets like Carrefour or Coto have special days when you are able to get a discount of about 10 or 15 %, if you use some partiocular cfredit or debit card.

    Perhaps there is an advantage purchasing in those special daysof the week.

  • I have to say that the discount system is pretty efficient. My husband's bank and Puppies (pet store chain) have a 15% off deal on Thursdays and we have used it twice. We pay the amount in full with his card, and about 48 hours later the discount is credited back on his account.

    Of course, smaller store are usually 15% cheaper or even more, so if you shop around, there is no need to wait for Thursdays and shop at Puppis.