A very long Easter XL weekend in Argentina

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  • Not only are Thursday and Friday holidays, but Monday too, I've just realised. Monday being a day off to remember the Falklands invasion of April 1982, or to be more diplomatic, the fallen of that war, although it's also commemorated in June to mark the end of the conflict.

    Talking to Adri last night, I pointed out that it may be more appropriate to mark the end of the conflict in June only, but I gather this April day was introduced by the previous government, which comes as no surprise.

    Still, I'm managing to get plenty of those jobs done and she can no longer ask "When are you gonna put those shelves up dear?"

  • I thought everything would shut down for semana santa, but not only is the nearby Disco open during the weekend, so is the restaurant of the neighborhood athletic club (subsidized by the municipality, but decent kitchen).

    As in so many things Argentine, logic isn't a factor.

  • For independent contractors, there are no paid days off. A holiday is just a day you have to kill at a time when you probably wouldn't have chosen to take an unpaid vacation day. So when we are working in a small town far from our home, we are thrilled to find the office is staying open on a holiday, allowing us to choose times we want to leave work behind.

    We are in a quite religious town right now. Very surprised that it is business as usual on Good Friday and Easter Monday.