Low season travel deals in Iguazú

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  • I saw their advertising at a subway station yesterday, and the price sounded amazing. From 6000 ARS (300 USD) per person for a 4 day/3 night, including flights with LATAM, transfers and accommodation. It looks like on of the cheapest national destination and the low season is starting now. Prices in the North of Argentina are usually very low compared to Patagonia, so the meals and the local transfer should be very cheap, as well. If you need a getaway and have nothing planned, it sounds a catch!

    Here is the link to the search for Iguazú.


  • I am sure ben has the answer, as I heard the news from him (in a post of his). This is not yet a free market, as new airline companies have lower set prices they cannot go below imposed by the government, however, something is indeed changing.