Discrimination against one's culture?

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  • He is French, but he’s not in France - Canada, instead. One of the greatest shocks of my life was my first trip to Paris a couple of years ago. I was ready for the legendary arrogance and rudeness of the piglike, insufferable French.

    We not only found nothing of the kind, but to cap it off, one server in a great little bistro (hell, they’re all great) apologized for not speaking better English! I don’t let go of my predjudices easily, but that one scurried away rapidly into the darkness.

    So our Canadian waiter needs to stay fired - after all, he would be if he acted like that in La Belle France.

  • One of our favorite small restaurants in New Orleans, the Napoleon House, is famous for their Pimm’s Cups, their muffulettas, and their surly waiters. Not long ago, we had a friendly and accommodating waiter . When we expressed surprise that he was so nice, he somewhat apologetically explained that he had worked in the restaurant for only a few years.

  • Not surprisingly, the tale continues. And what better thing than to interview random French expats?

    Hey, it’s better than talking politics these days.

    I am probably seen here like Frenchs in Canada. I have been warned by my husband to not make direct comments while we are with his family, as it is "not what they are used to". He gave me specific examples of where I was just too Italian about something. For example, here they do not criticize heavily other people, even in a family setting in all confidence etc. to me, that's part the reason why things never get addressed and resolved here. They are just too "disinterested" (as it appears to me).

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  • (Quote from serafina)

    You mean that even among family, no one can have the fun of catty remarks about a 3rd party who isn't there???

    Yeah, apparently is just unnecessary or they wouldn't care. After all, Argentines always provide evasive answers (which drives me crazy, as you cannot ever get to the bottom of an issue) and so doing exactly the opposite is seen as aggressive.

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