Falkland fallen soldiers in La Nacion

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  • Well done by the British. They were magnanimous. Some day the differences will be adjusted and vanished. The only thing that I can say that the best period in our economy was when we were partners with the British Empire (1880-circa 1950).

    Then, the purchases of our production shifted to France, as they are great exporters of agricultural goods.

    Perhaps with the Brexit the UK will return as a client, and as an exporter or their technological production.

  • The problem of our commerce with the USA is that your country produces all that we produce and have a plus of high technology (that we lack). We have not complementary economies, so it is very difficult to establish a balance of trade. In fact, we always purchase more to the USA than the purchases that the USA do with us. And now, with your very nationalistic president, is much more difficult.

    Look how we strived for exporting lemons. The California agrcultural lobby made a strong protest and we had to restrain our exports.

    With the UK, things were different. They decided to be leaders of the Industrial Revolution, so they left the provision of edible goods to new countries as Australia, New Zealand and Argentina.

    Even after the 1929 crisis, Australia & New Zealand & Canada protested because London wa still having trade with us. Finally there was an agreement in 1932 and we continued our fruitful relationship, but after the II World War, UK was inside the European Union and all finished.

    Now our worst enemy to have trade inside the European Union is France, who defends its agricultural production.

    Now our best clients are from the Far East: China, Malaysia, Japan, and perhaps some Near East countries, and also we have strong lies with Brazil because of the Common Market (Mercosur)

  • (And if you think the Lemon Lobby was fierce, you can imagine the Beef Lobby! US citizens are destined never to have a chance to taste delicious Argentine steak. Alas!)

    That is a good reason why you must come here all the years to come. You know that you will be always welcomed.