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  • My wife found this yesterday - I missed it when it happened in December. This is huge - at least for us. Living in the US, Amazon Prime is now one of life's irreplaceable building blocks - kind of like phones that find addresses and play music. Most of our TV watching is now based on the Prime offerings, Netflix relegated to second place.

    Included in the Prime subscription are Acorn, Starz, and several others that would cost money separately. The non-TV Prime advantages, such as free Amazon shipping, are sadly not of much value in Argentina, but I'd consider subscribing for the TV offerings alone.

    We'll be in BsAs for the next six weeks, so we'll see how much of the content is available. Is anyone currently using the service and can give some insights into what, if any, limitations are imposed?

  • The Bubble's unique brand of language and punctuation often leaves me wondering exactly what the writer is saying. In this case, I'm scratching my head over "Prime video will come at the price of US $2.99 for the first 6 months – that’s around AR $60 a month on top of Prime membership – a 50% discount off the original full price of $5.99 (around AR $122)."

    Does this mean that you must first purchase Amazon Prime, and then pay another $2.99 for 6 months of Prime Video? Or first purchase Amazon Prime and then pay another $2.99 per month for 6 months?

    If either of the above, how is Prime Video different from regular Amazon Prime's unlimited access of films, tv shows, etc?

    Confused --