Great olive oils of Argentina

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  • Stay away from supermarkets' oils, the true gems of olive oils are sold in small stores and specialty stores.

    I have already mentioned the fabolous Petrus from San Juan, and while on vacation in Mar del Plata we also found another two good olive oils: Manjares del sol intenso, from Pocito (San Juan) and San Agustín from Mendoza.

    We usually bulk Petrus in bulk at Caminos y Sabores fair in July, but we are open to try new brands for a change. What is your favorite Argentinian olive oil?

  • Novello Zuelo, made by Zuccardi, earthy, we use it for salads and non cooking things ( pricey). I buy it at my favorite wine store Malambo.

    Tomate el olivo, much lighter and also delicious. I use it for both cooking and salads. I buy it at Savarin, both stores are in Palermo.

  • We are quite new to the wide world of Argentina's incredible olive oils. Besides the non-cooking gourmet oils, a friend recommended La Paz, sold at Granja stores, as a good quality everyday cooking oil.