Russian Roulette

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  • With congress so cowed they won't stand up to even the most egregious pronouncements from the White House now, the press is the only group with a voice, willing to look for truth, however deeply buried in mierda.

    Now that the president, AKA "David Dennison," has suggested that both Comey and McCabe wrote their contemporaneous notes after the fact, it looks as if we might now be hearing about not just Fake News but now, Fake Notes as well.

    There's a new trend here. Don't like the guy next door? Fake Neighbor. Medicine wasn't effective? Fake Pharmacy. Didn't enjoy dinner out? Fake Parrilla. Meat tough? Fake Meat. Anyone with a grammar school vocabulary and arrested development can master the technique. Shout it loud enough and be mean enough, and it can work.