Scripting in OSX and Windows 10

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  • This is a followup to the discussion started in "In Need of a New Apple Computer."

    Ben asked if Windows 10 scripting features had improved, because he likes what the Mac offers. I don't do scripting myself, but I do believe that this articleexplains the current state of Windows 10's abilities - and they're identical to Apple's, because it's the same Unix utility, called Bash.

    Ben, if you care to comment?

    Edit: Re-reading the article, I guess it's not a direct import from Apple, but from Linux. Still, it may do what you need, if the Mac Unix scripting is compatible with Linux.

  • If I am not mistaken, Apple's Terminal is unix based.

    I did dip a fingernail into Linux while I was at the university, but it was just to try out Ubuntu. It was too hard even to do the simplest things, but I can see where the fun is if you are into coding and have time to spare.