Is Kim playing Trump?

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  • Yes. And the current occupant of the White House is so desperate to take the spotlight off of his hush money to the porn actress, that he not only didn't look a gift horse in the mouth, he didn't even pause to ask if it was a horse or a boa constrictor.

  • As others have mentioned, the US is not driving the bus at the moment, which is pretty clear from how rapidly Trump accepted Kim's invitation to meet, on the basis that he likes to be seen as having the biggest dick in the school yard.

    Neither does the US have an ambassador in Seoul or an experienced North Korea negotiator such as Joseph Yun, who retired unexpectedly very recently. Clearly Kim has moved all his chess pieces into place, using the winter Olympics as a perfect platform to launch his charm offensive and finally the the feint, the, master stroke - call Trump's bluff. The NK regime (s) is expert at this kind of game and I believe that their ultimate goal is to make the US look foolish. Or should that be, more foolish?

    This Vanity Fair article is well written and presents some very pertinent facts.

  • The Vanity Fair article raises this logical question: What is the expected outcome of an international nuclear meeting orchestrated by North Korea on one side and amateur diplomats on the other?

  • "After all we've been through, it's time to make up..."

    "But then we'll break up..." en soto voce from Kim.

    I personally believe he want to humiliate Trump, who may not realise he's waking into a trap. It'll be one of those NK " We tried but you wouldn't listen."... a classic set up.


    Agreed. I'm afraid Drumpf is going to once again prove himself the fool. I don't underestimate Kim, not for a moment, and Drumpf doesn't stand a chance in a battle of wits. As usual, he'll be entering the fray unarmed.

  • And with small hands and that hair. Should help a tad.

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