My new gaming headphones are the best investment...possibly ever.

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  • I bought them in June at PC World and now I can game without annoying 'she who should be obeyed' (gunshots, zombie deaths, car engines roaring and multiple explosions) and she can watch her favourite soap or yadder to her mum for hours on end about nothing, without me hearing a word.

    Domestic bliss.:bananadance:

    I certainly agree. Outside of actual euthanasia, this kind of techno-isolation is the best path to a wonderful marriage.

  • So, is it an Argentine thing to babble for hours over nothing on the phone with relatives?

    The odd thing is that during a 2 hours conversation there can be lively fights, including cursing (even at each other) and then a talk about weather or general politics, all with the same tone of voice.

    Sometimes I follow the start and I get it is a fight, then after 2 hours I ask, worried, "What was this about? I though you were about to get a stroke after 2 hours screaming!". And I get, in reply, "oh we were talking about the politicians". WTF?! 8|

  • I thought you knew that already :)

    Adri can spend the whole afternoon with her mum at a lunch for example and later in the evening her mum phones and they go on for an hour about what they rabbited on about that afternoon.

    Being a man, this is beyond my comprehension and you can now see how the phones have saved my eardrums from such menaces.