Buenos Aires' romantic seafood restaurant near Jeorge Newberry

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  • I have been only once, and for breakfast. We went to pick up a friend from Italy at EZE and he had later a connection to AEP to go to Iguazú, so we decided to spend a couple of hours at El Muelle instead than inside of aeroparque. The weather was warm/hot and we were able to sit on the deck outside, facing the ocean. The place was really nice, sort of New England's B&B atmosphere. However, inside there was the restaurant and it looked quite refined. Not posh nor upscale, but definitely more elegant than the average restaurant in Buenos Aires, i.e. tablecloth, double silverware, fabric napkins, etc. There were about 15 people at 10 AM which is impressive for such a remote place.

    Upstairs there is the room reserved to members of the Fishermen's Club. The building is their property/concession (not sure, but I have always heard it addressed as el club de pescadores).

    We had an excellent mate dessert. It was a sort of mate flavored pudding, but done with genuine mate and not mate flavor -- you could tell it by the taste. It was delicious and we were so impressed we asked for an encore. We have never seen anything like this in Argentina, not back then and not up to date.

    We should join forces and head for a lunch there!