Sir Roger Bannister

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  • The first man to run a mile in under four minutes has died aged 88. He was a neurosurgeon.

    Commenting on the Parkinson's disease which began in 2011, he said:

    "I have seen, and looked after, patients with so many neurological and other disorders that I am not surprised I have acquired an illness," he said at the time.

    "It's in the nature of things, there's a gentle irony to it."

  • A very wise and good man, by all accounts. Interesting note: it had been over a hundred years that athletes officially strived to break the four-minute mile barrier. Here are some interesting data, going back to 1865. It's clear that the mark would fall some day, and Bannister was the one who did it, but after those hundred years it took John Landy just 46 days to break Bannister's record! Say what you will about modern diet, training, and conditioning - and they all played their parts - but it's pretty clear that part of the barrier was psychological - and once Bannister did it, it was no longer impossible.