Scam targeting Amazon customers

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  • From Kim

    If you've ever needed to contact Amazon's customer service, you probably know it can be difficult to find the phone number on its site. When you look for the number on, you end up clicking from page to page in what seems to be a never-ending loop. It can be frustrating.
    That's why many people end up doing an online search for the number. That is actually leading some people right into the hands of scammers.
    What's showing up in some search results are fake customer service numbers, which are also appearing as fake posts on social media sites like Facebook. If you call one of these fake phone numbers, a fraudster will answer and ask for your credit card or banking information.

    How to protect yourself against this scam:

    Visit Amazon's Contact Us page. There, you will find multiple ways to contact Amazon, including its customer service number, email, or even an instant chat option with a representative.

    This scam is currently targeting Amazon customers but scammers can change it up at any time, targeting users of any website. That's why it's always best to find customer service numbers on the official site so you know that you are speaking with a real representative.