Why do Argentinians have so many children?

  • As modern as Buenos Aires sound, with same-sex marriages being celebrated since 2010, abortion is still banned in Argentina (except in case of rape or 'valid medical reasons'). A recent article on La Nación said that less than 15% of the Argentinians always use a condom, 65% use it from time to time, and over 20% never use it.

    Although family with children receive a State subsidy (I still do not know how much it is. Splinter , do you know any better?), it seems to me that, historically, Argentinians have always had many children.

    Why is so? I don't thing religion plays a role -- Italy is far more a catholic country and we have abortion and the day-after pill, though physician can invoke a right to not prescribe/perform them, if it is against their moral beliefs. So, what can an Argentinian do when facing an unexpected pregnancy? Is there a way to terminate it?

    When I see families where the mother in her 50s gets pregnant and her first daughter is also pregnant, it looks very sad to me, like she doesn't have a choice but to accept it.