My Compufix website

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  • For a number of years I hosted at the same Argentine hosting company in San Telmo as the old forum. At first things ran smoothly and I particularly liked the bilingual aspect of the new site, IE you could click a Brit or Spanish flag to switch languages for the site in an instant.

    Anyway, I must be more patient than I realised, because I stuck with them in the same way that I did with the forum hosting, but when the website started to get hacked with fake PayPal pages, or it simply went down with no explanation and zero support, I had finally had enough - again.

    Fortunately I own the domain which is registered at Godaddy and yesterday morning set up a new hosting package with them, finally freeing the Compufix nameservers (DNS) from the unprofessional clutches of Grupo Argentina Web. You can read a few Google Maps reviews of this outfit here.

    On this occasion I chose site building software (as opposed to as I'm self hosting and building the site myself. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the back end is familiar to me since DCT (Dave's Computer Tips) uses the same software and changes I make in the customisation can be seen on the fly as a preview.

    Since my old site was down I was unable to take a screenshot of the old site, but Internet Archive held a copy from a few years ago, as per the attached image.

    Anyway, the plan is to build up the site, focusing on affordable gaming machines and computer repairs, which is where all my business comes from.

    I'll also be adding a plugin for for bilingual viewing once I've got my head around the nuts and bolts, as well as a post section where viewers can see products for sale as I post them, with the option of being able to comment and interact with me.

    This may take slightly longer that the forum to get absolutely right, but it's enjoyable either way, because I'm in full control, as opposed to some cowboys in San Telmo.