Who goes to jail?

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  • This should be interesting to watch. A 29-year-old pedophile tried to get close to an 11-year-old girl, and instead got the crap beat out of him by the girl's father.

    Here's an English report.

    Early days, but according to the English version, it was the father who was initially charged. We are shocked, right?

    According to Clarín, seems that the police did charge both, but did not detain the accused pedophile.

  • It was in the news the other day.

    I was watching the news on A24 or C5N and they were showing the whatsapp exchange between the guy and the supposed girl (it was her father doing the messaging, after his child reported to him). The messages were not censored on screen, including the nasty bits and the message where the paedophile texted his complete address to arrange a visit.

    In the post you linked the paedophile's face is blurred, but in this other article of Clarín it is not.

  • The father´s reaction shows the unconfidence of most of the people regarding the dubious ability to punish of our Justice and the Police as well. This is the effect of the Zaffaroni theory: if there are delinquents, pedophiles or any outlawed people, the blame is of the dominant establishment.

    I think that we need a police like the French, which is harder than the British or the German.

    If you look at them, when they are pursuing some person, you became frightened at once.