YouTube Premium vs Spotify

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  • I've been subscribing to Spotify through Mercadolibre for a couple a couple of years and with taxes it now costs just over AR$2000, which is still very cheap.

    However, I'm not a habitual user and only hit it through Bluetooth speakers depending on the occasion.

    Spotify taxes example:

    On the other hand, I use YouTube much more and while uBlock Origin blocks the ads on my various desktops and to an extent on my mobile, YouTube Premium includes YouTube Music Premium and after 61% Argie taxes works out at around AR$3000, with the added advantages of no in app ads, download and watch offline and the ability to listen to music that you won't find on Spotify - for example a concert piece that was never released as an official track. Furthermore, you can switch from an audio track to the YouTube video as you wish. You essentially get a heck of a lot more for your money.

    So I'm cancelling Spotify and giving YouTube Premium a go and will report back on my findings.

  • I don't use YouTube much, because I find the ads very intrusive and a waste of my time because you have to go back to click on Skip to access your video. But if it cost 3 USD a month and had no ads, I would give it a try!

    We will be waiting to hear your feedback, Splinter .

    Can you also watch sports? My husbands occasionally watches Boca matches, and StarPlus only includes Liga matches. The Superclásico and other cups are NOT included.

  • I'm a cheapskate so put up with the YT ads. I don't use YT that often though. Really only use it for finding out how things are done. I stopped clicking those videos with scantily clad beach girls after the missus caught me.

  • Is YouTube Premium in Argentina the same as YouTubeTV in the USA?

    No, it's completely different. It's live TV and over 100 channels, but only available in the US.

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