H5N1 research from Canada to Argentina 2021-2023

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  • Interesting follow-up of the H5N1 virus mutations from wild birds of Nova Scotia in 2021. Follows the jump to USA livestock, poultry farms during 2022. Finally huge kills of marine animals in all of South America, first down the Pacific and then up the Atlantic, to end 2023. Good interactive graphics. Numerous mentions of the investigation along the Argentina coast.

    Bird Flu Is Infecting More Mammals. What Does That Mean for Us? (Gift Article)
    H5N1, an avian flu virus, has killed tens of thousands of marine mammals, and infiltrated American livestock for the first time. Scientists are working quickly…

  • aficionado, I was just reading this very article, and wondering where all this will lead. (Chilling visual image of the children “enjoying a day at the beach” with elephant seal carcasses nearby.)

    Avoiding the beaches is not a great option, or avoiding the parks where there are also wild geese and other wild birds who transmitted to the farmed chickens. Just need to live normally while being more aware.