Voice messages!

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  • I very rarely leave WhatsApp voice messages, but most people I know, simply can't do enough of them. If I do leave a voice message, it's usually something like this:

    "Yep, seven thirty's fine."


    "Right, I'll bring the beer!


    "Yep, pizza's fine. See you later."

    You get the drift...

    However, I've had to educate my customers to only send me written text messages, especially for addresses, names and locations.

    Two memorable voice messages spring to mind.

    One I received a couple of years ago from a young lady who I had approached for some graphic design and she left a voice message of some seven minutes about why she couldn't help. The problem was that most of the message had nothing to do with graphic design, but more about her busy life and comings and goings, none of which I was the slightest bit interested in.

    Another much longer one came past me the other day and was ten minutes long! It was from a friend to someone close to me with the gist of the message being that they wanted a professional service because they had been left high and dry by their usual provider. Unfortunately, most of the message veered way off into the stratosphere and into completely irrelevant territory, describing in minute detail, addresses and such like, not even related to the point of the subject in hand, if ever there was one. To make matters worse, the eternal message which rambled on and on, was performed in Anglo-Argentine - a very curious mixture which sounds like someone scratching their fingernails down a blackboard.

    By the end of this never ending message I had forgotten why they had left it in the first place and I wonder if they had as well.


  • performed in Anglo-Argentine - a very curious mixture which sounds like someone scratching their fingernails down a blackboard.

    The Herald recently published an article on it. Not sure if it is what you are describing.

    Occasionally, I have had people try to "ease" my understanding of their rambling by adding words in Italian here and there, except that them not being native, they were only making it harder because of inaccurate term choices.

    About endless voice message, I have installed an app to transcribe those, although it goes in stand by after a minute or so.

    Bummer, but that's as long as my patience runs for voice messages, anyway.

    I don't understand why people grab voice messages to have entire conversations where each person grabs their lines, send them, receive it over whatsapp, listen, grabs a reply etc.. It is like a phone conversation with buffering, if you ask me.

    My hatred for voice messages stems from a variety of factors: first, people do not think before recording a message, they simply record their stream of thought. Second, it is hard to locate key information (if any). If I don't recall what the other people said, I have to relist to the whole message vs. scrolling a text and finding the information I am looking for.

    Once, I friend I had invited over for dinner, sent me a several-minutes-long message. I asked the Transcription app to transcribe it, but it was too long. Anyway, the first minute of transcription had nothing to do with what she would eventually say.

    So, I went on with my cooking from 3 PM to 8 PM. At 9 PM, I was worried something had happened to her, so I texted her to ask if she was coming. She replied that she had sent me a voice message saying she wasn't going to make it. It was that 7-minute message that I didn't finish to listen. In the last 15 seconds, after minutes and minutes of rambling about her day and her life, she added "therefore I am sorry I can't make it tonight".

  • serafina is right: people go into a rambling, stream-of-consciousness mode.

    It’s too bad there’s not any way to set a voicemail limit of 30 seconds. With a loud buzzer at the end of that time, to let the callers know they’ve been cut off.

    Splinter , there’s an app idea for you! You’ll make a fortune!

  • I'm totally useless at WhatsApp Voice Messaging and have only ever used it a handful of times. Much prefer typing instead. Trouble is I press the button and never know what to say so the receiver thinks they're listening to a humming and hawing idiot.

    The Spanish Consulate notified the missus this week they'd set her up with an official WhatsApp account to take inquiries from people. Up until then since Covid she'd been using her own WhatsApp account. She's had a few voice messages from people who ramble on instead of getting straight to the point which drives her mad. She usually replies through typed messages rather than voice.