South American Countries You Have Visited And Have Not...

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  • Which South American countries have you been to? Which would you like to visit and have not already? And are there any South Americans countries you have no intention of ever visiting?

    I guess I need to get this going myself...

    I have been to Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay.

    I'd like to visit Peru probably first and foremost. It seems to have developed an interesting food scene in recent years and I'd like to visit Machu Picchu. I would also like to see the Kaieteur Falls in Guyana.

    I have also seen a couple of videos in Paramaribo in Suriname recently and think it looks quite interesting albeit with nothing specific for me to mention beyond a bit of an Asian food scene going on, which of itself is quite unique in South America.

    I shall not offend any country by suggesting one I have no interest in visiting.

    Edit: Just for a bit of spice I shall name the country I like the least of those I have visited.

  • Besides living and traveling around Argentina, Chile is the country I have visited the most times. In the mid 2000s I traveled first to Chile and then Argentina for a few months in total. Only via the overnight buses. Still so much I have not seen, though I lean towards the southern lakes, mountains, and the sea. Valdivia is a place to indulge in all the shellfish and also fin-fish that is lacking in Argentina. I like Santiago and surrounding areas. I have driven thru a number of the smaller border crossings in the south. In the north I have only been to Atacama.

    I was excited to read about the new cheap and direct JetSmart route EZE to Concepción three days per week. It looks like a decent quick getaway to the south without complications of SCL connection.

  • I have only been to Peru (Cuzco, Machu Picchu) for our honeymoon, to Uruguay for my Colonia run and to Montevideo to catch a cheaper plane to Europe. I briefly stepped into Brazil and Paraguay when visiting Iguazú for the first time, but I can't say I have visited those countries.

    I'd like to visit Chile and Lima (where we just saw the airport), but I don't feel an urge to. Besides, getting there isn't very cheap, so I'd rather spend the money for a destination I am actually interested into.

    The most boring part of Argentina is that it is stuck very far away from anything else.

  • Where are you based aficionado?

    We were in Mendoza city center for a while. Which was a nice small city to walk, with ok access to the mountains. Weekend road trips north to the high valley towns of San Juan province, and also south to the vineyards/mountains of San Rafael of Mendoza province. All that area is the ideal temperate climate. Mostly dry, easy to live weather, even though I prefer below zero winters. Also the bus or drive up n over to Santiago. Now we are more in the interior, nowhere worth discussing, though can roadtrip to those northern Patagonia mtns and lakes, plus farther onward to Chile. Occasional longer drives to the Argentina coast.

  • We’ve spent a couple of weeks in Ecuador, in Cuenca and Olon, on the coast; a couple of weeks in Peru, split among Lima, Cuzco, and Machu Picchu; a week in Punta del Este, Uruguay, along with short trips to Montevideo and Colonia; and a quick trip to Caracas, Venezuela, that was so long ago and so brief that I can hardly remember a thing.

    Our most memorable South American trip was to Brazil, as we honeymooned in Rio 40 years ago. Until then, our travel had always centered on Europe, the Pacific Islands, and Asia. Had we not gone there, I wonder if we’d have eventually tried Argentina. It definitely influenced our interest in South America.

    I’d really like to spend a decent amount of time in Chile, and would like to hear other forum members’ favorite places there.

  • In Chile I've only been to Vina Del Mar. It's a charming town when the weather is good but with nothing particularly specific to see and visit. For me I wanted to visit the Chilean football team Everton's stadium being a fan of the English variety.

    The country I know best after Argentina is Brazil having spent 6 weeks there and travelled quite extensively around the major places. On the last night we treated ourselves to a night at the Copacabana Palace hotel. I had an "her indoors" at the time. We were sat outside at a poolside bar having some gin and tonics and I glanced at the couple at the next table. The guy looked very familiar. It was one of those times where the more I looked at him, the more I recognised him and it was driving me crazy trying to figure it out. After some minutes the penny dropped. It was President Jimmy Carter and his wife.

    I don't like Brazil for reasons difficult to put into words. I don't like Rio either. The trip up to the Corcovado on the train is lovely and you can have no appreciation of the immensity of the statue until you see it up close. Each hand alone weighs 3 tons as I recall. I felt dizzy looking up at it. It's massive. The views are as spectacular as all the photos ever taken suggest. It's beautiful.

    But back at ground level, walk just one block back from whichever beach you might be staying by; Copacabana for us, and the city is pig ugly.