My Forthcoming Trip

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  • Greetings all.

    I'm heading back to Argentina very soon. Best guess is I will arrive 30 April but it isn't yet booked.

    As a sidenote, flight prices have tumbled considerably. I have seen fares under £600 return on KLM, for example. Business Class circa £2k.

    Now, I have something burning in my mind and so I thought I would just think out loud here in case anyone wants to comment.

    My plan is to arrive for the best part of 6 months and leave 21 October.

    Obviously, upon arrival, I get 90 days and can either renew for another 90 days in country just before my first 90 days expire or I can go to Colonia or wherever for a few days and return to Argentina and get 90 days again that way. That all keeps me legal and facilitates my planned 6 month trip.

    That is all understood and clear.


    Sometimes, if you're unlucky, an airline won't let you fly if they note you have a return ticket 6 months hence and don't have a visa that allows a visit that long.

    So an easy solution to me would be to buy a ticket to Colonia (or wherever), print it off, and have that with me to show that I'm leaving Argentina prior to the expiry of 90 days.

    Has anyone here had this kind of issue with an airline? I know it's real but just thinking out loud and inviting any of you to chip in.

  • When flying with a one-way ticket , I have had the issue with Latam and Avianca but never with a European airline.

    Airlines are obliged to see that you have a return ticket. I don't think the date matters to them.

    The easy way out is to buy a refundable ticket on Buquebus.

    Also if you don't fancy the side trip to Uruguay, you can go to immigration and get a 90-day extension for a small sum.

  • My advice is to book a refundable ticket with a reputable company (either sea or air) close to your departure date. Some of the mayor airlines have a 24-hour cancellation policy, so as long as you cancel within 24 hours, you'll get your money back. Just print a confirmation of the booking to show at the airport, and once you're into Argentina cancel it.

    I believe this may be easier than buying with an Argentinian provider as refunds are a nightmare in this country, and by the time your receive your money back, you've still lost money due to the money exchange fluctuation (especially if you are buying it now and using/refunding it 4 months from now).

    If you don't feel adventurous, you can consider buying a bus ticket to Uruguay on Plataforma 10 in case the ferry is too expensive. A quick search returned two options from Retiro to Montevideo by bus, one for 66 USD and one for 70 USD. I have no idea of the ferry/boat prices.

    Of course, it is more enjoyable to ride a ferry than a bus for 10 hours, in case you change your mind and you actually want to enjoy a trip to UY.

    When we used to live in San Isidro, we went to the Tigre pier to sail to Uruguay. However, the company we were using (Cacciola) was closed during the pandemic and as far as I know it has never reopened. I ignore if there are other boats that sails to Uruguay from Tigre. I was mentioning this because if you are staying again in Olivos near the train line (Mitre-Tigre line), it is very convenient because you can walk from the train station to the pier. We lived near the train station in San Isidro.

  • Thanks serafina top quality advice as always.

    Buquebus quote their prices to me on their website in USD so I guess I needn't worry about the money exchange fluctuation. Though at the same time, it is an excellent observation for me to think about if I choose a different way. For the record, my sample journey quotes for Buquebus return to Colonia were about USD$44 each way I think. As it is a journey I have done before I may or may not do that but it is an obvious choice.

    Here's where you make a really interesting point about going from Tigre, because Buquebus appear to offer routes from there but the sample route and journey I tried to look at was not available. I did not even know about services from Tigre to Uruguay so it is of interest and I will look further at that.

    I will stay in Olivos initially if my apartment there (AirBnB) is available for a month or so and currently it is available, . But I will likely move down to Belgrano after that. I have found an AirBnB £100 cheaper a month than the Olivos place and is well located near Chinatown which suits me just fine.

    I think having read the replies from serafina and GlasgowJohn I am more satisfied that as long as I have a return ticket then backed up further with a refundable ticket to Uruguay or wherever then that should satisfy the airline. Presently I think I will fly BA from LHR but that is not certain given KLM are really cheap and I could go from Manchester. Arriving at EZE at 05:10 in the morning brings its own problems when you can't get into a hotel until much later but I can deal with that to save £200-300

  • If you are staying in Belgrano, then you have more options as taxis are cheap within capital (but get seriously expensive when crossing from/into the Province).

    A guest of ours went from Palermo to the Buquebus terminal in November, and he was charged 28 USD. I believe taxis may have fixed rates to/from airports and ports. There was recently a discussion on a FB group about an American being charged 38k pesos from Palermo to Ezeiza, but I think it may be close to the actual price nowadays.

    Not related to your question, but this remise company - Galvan's Transfer - has their priceline on their website. It is not necessarily what everyone charges, but can provide a ballpark. A remise is usually a tad cheaper than a taxi, fyi.

    (I have never used this company and I am not endorsing it. I was researching on transfer costs from EZE to Palermo for a guest, and this was the only page with prices that I found)

  • Give us a shout for a beer because we live in La Lucila, not far from where Coto used to be!

  • Splinter I will for sure, and thanks!

    That's a really interesting point about taxis between the city and the province. Last year when the train wasn't running to and from Retiro for the entirety of my trip, if I needed to, I got a taxi between the city and Belgrano and then jumped on the train at Belgrano to Olivos. I did that a couple of times and it worked just fine.

    And of course that's no longer a problem.