Car insurance company taking the mickey.

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  • A while back the missus was driving along when the car was hit by an old codger reversing out on to the road. He admitted it was his fault and they swapped insurance details etc.

    Fortunately despite the front wing being badly caved in the car was still drivable. She went straight to her insurance company office where they know her well as she has always used them for several policies. The guy there told her there would be no problem as she has full cover anyway. She went to the panel beater they recommended who inspected it to find out what body parts were needed so he could order them.

    Months later the parts arrived and she took the car in on Tuesday. She popped in yesterday to ask the guy when he thought it would be ready and to sign some papers. She came back fuming after she noticed a bill for 270,000 pesos which she of course refused to sign. She asked him what it was all about and he said it was nothing to do with him it was her insurace company.

    Off she stormed to the insurance company to kick up fuck and tell them she wouldn't be paying a peso nevermind 270,000. She told the guy if he didn't sort it out she would be taking all the insurance policies she's had for years and years elsewhere.

    She heard back this morning and was told it was an oversight on their part. She suspects they were up to something dodgy. ^^

  • A similar thing happened to me on my bike insurance. After the debacle when my clutch cable snapped and I couldn't get any sense out of the crap insurance company (a friend helped in the end with a spare cable) I fished around for quotes and found one for $15,000 per month with Sancor Seguros - other were quoting 35k and above.

    Signed up but when it came to taking the first premium, they took over 40k and I'm still trying to sort it out.

    Would your misses be prepared to assist?


  • Insurance companies are all bastards.

    Our last accident - the other party who was to blame gave me their details. I got them on the phone and they sent me to their recommended workshop. Then it turned out that the guy who bumped us hadn't paid his premiums for a year.

    One of the boss's cousins went to pay the other party a visit - He is 6ft 3ins and weighs about 120 kilos. He picked up the cash for the repair and other two or three as well....

    But it shouldn't have to be like that.