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    Since I need to keep an Italian mobile number for verification purpose (banks, public administration etc.) I have an Italian SIM card.

    My iPhone 13 Pro has only one SIM card slot, so I had to get an eSIM for my Argentinian line with Personal. This way, I can use both lines at the same time without having to remove/insert each SIM card.

    For those unfamiliar with it, an eSIM is basically a software code that "installs" a mobile line in your phone. This is usually done by reading a QR code using your phone camera. Modern mobile phones are switching to eSIMs worldwide. One of the advantages is that you can install multiple lines on the same phone, and use them at the same time. Also, in case of theft, you don't lose your SIM card (where some data is stored).

    On the downside, I found out that my Personal eSIM can only be activated while in Argentina. Last time I travelled abroad, I messed up the eSIM settings while I was trying to turn off data roaming on my Argentinian SIM card. Unfortunately, I had to visit in person a Personal store to be able to activate it again. And I had to drag my husband there since the line is in his name.

    I am not sure if this is country-specific, operator-specific or else, as when I investigated to get an eSIM for my Italian line, I found posts from Italians abroad unable to activate their eSIM from outside Europe.

    Now I have learned of a new "downside" of eSIM - line theft! In shorts: hackers get ahold of your phone number and use it as a verification number to commit illegal acts, among which raiding your bank account.

    eSIM Swap: alerta por delincuentes que usan los chips eSIM para robar números de teléfono de usuarios y acceder a sus cuentas bancarias

    El uso de eSIM, la nueva tecnología que no requiere la tarjeta plástica para unir una línea de teléfono con un dispositivo, no evita el SIM Swap, por el que los delicuentes se apoderan de nuestra línea de teléfono para usarla como sistema de validación en diversas plataformas digitales

  • You’re right, serafina . My phone came with dual eSIM cards, which are incompatible with physical SIM cards. Not sure I like that.

    When you were exploring options for your new iPhone, I was tempted to upgrade mine, as well, but when I found out that there was no physical SIM slot on iPhones 15, I decided it was not for me. Otherwise, if my phone is stolen or if I mess up again with my eSIM settings, I will lose access to my Italian phone number until my next trip to Italy.

    I am holding tight to my physical SIM card from Italy, which is stored safely at home, and pull it in whenever I need to receive a text from Italy.