Fish and seafood in Argentina

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  • I have totally stopped eating seafood and fish after two cases of food poisoning (one in Argentina, one in Italy), and for environmental reasons.

    However, I know that people often take Argentina for a fish-based diet country, whereas it is the opposite. So what fish and seafood is actually from Argentina vs. imported? During my last visit at the port of Mar del Plata, a fishery was displaying this useful infographic .

  • The only fish restaurant we go to with any degree of regularity is pescadorita on Humboldt.

    I will almost always have the seafood risotto and the bosss wukk have the fish of the day.

    Decent quality and not too expensive.

    The problem in CABA is that the majority of the fish caught is exported to Spain and China . Only about 30-25% is sold here.

    Salmon? Almost all of it comes frozen from Chile.

    Its absolutely crazy that landlocked Paraguay has better fresh fish than Arentina with a huge coastline.

  • In front of Aeroparque, there is Club de Pescadores (current name: Complejo El Muelle), whose restaurant is supposed to specialize in seafood. I have never tried it to eat, but it could be an idea if you are in to try a different fish place.

    The BA Government website has even a page dedicated to it, as a landmark/historical place.

    Here is the current menu. When I went there many years ago, I remember having a nice mate-infused créme brulée while sitting on the porch overlooking the ocean. A friend had a long layover in Aeroparque, and we went there to pass the time and take some fresh air (he had arrived from Italy in Ezeiza, and then was headed straight to Iguazú from Aeroparque, hence the long layover in Aeroparque).


  • Only been there once about 9 or 10 years ago. 6hour delay in Aeroparque

  • I remember reading about the Club de Pescadores years and years ago. We’ve never been, but need to put it on our list. Thanks for the reminder, serafina .

    Like GlasgowJohn , we’ve been to La Pescadorita (diagonally across from its mother restaurant, La Dorita), highly recognizable because of its odd merman standing outside the front door.

    There’s also Damblee Brasserie, on Avenida Rivadavis in Almagro, which has a great assortment of beautifully prepared fish dishes.