Rosario - innocents are targeted by narcos.

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  • Narcos/drug gangs have now murdered at least four innocent people in the last week, including a car park attendant, bus driver and two taxi drivers. All men with young families who had no connection with the current turf/drug war which is terrorising Rosario.

    Prisons have also been fired upon and the governor has received numerous death threats, as have journalists.

    I don't think it helped to show a picture of prisoners lined up a la President Bukele (El Salvador) which has enraged the gangs. Furthermore, these prisoners have had their cell phones taken away which surprises us not the least. But what does enrage most of us is that they were allowed to have them in the first place.

    The gangs on the loose are now saying that they will target ALL innocent people with supermarkets being next on the list.

    The city is now practically on curfew with many commercial outlets including filling stations refusing to open.

    There are of course political issues and the governor, who is not a Milei fan and more aligned with Larreta (ex chief of CABA) is in talks with Bullrich to send in more security forces.

    In my opinion they need to saturate the city with brute force, up to and including the army. One only has to look at what El Salvador was like before Bukele took over, what is happening in Haiti and what has been happening in Baltimore, once considered the most dangerous city in the US.

    This is a war that the government needs to win or the repercussions country-wide would be very dangerous indeed.

  • Milei and Bullrich need to tread very carefully in emulating El Salvador because Bukele has pretty much ripped up any vestiges of human rights. And I'm not talking about the namby pamby, kid gloves approach, but basic rights, like a trial for example. All those things are denied.

    Drug-trafficking gang violence reigns supreme in Argentine city of Rosario
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    And let's not forget how the Kakas let this happen, not to mention Macri and Xtina before him.