The state of the news - Journalism in Argentina

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  • I am appalled by the state of journalism in Argentina. I read mostly La Nación and allegedly they are part of the Trust Project, which promises transparency toward readers. However, their articles have a staggering amount of errors. Errors that I can spot, too, and I am not even a native.

    For example, in an article about a far right politician in Spain, they wrote that "she was often criticized for her homophone views" , today there is an article on the Oscars ceremony and wrestler John Cera (correct name: Cena appears in the title and photo caption, but in the article it is written Cera in all occurrences), sometimes the articles are nothing but a rough translation of an English article and you can notice from the syntax or calques.

    By the Trust Project, every time they correct a published article, they should note the correction, but they never do. I have taken screenshots of the mistakes to share with my husbands, because when he clicked on the link the correction was made (the mistake was no longer here) and error was not even acknowledged.

    Instead, the New York Times always noted errors and corrections such as "A previous version of this article erroneously stated Mrs. X as the Director of the NGO, whereas her correct name is Mrs. XY."

    I eas sondering if you have any specific journalist you appreciate and/or follow, and where to read them.

  • Apart from the obvious errors and typos, it's a job to find a truly independent news outlet here.

    The anti-K media such as TN, Clarin and La Nacion are brazen with their propaganda, not forgetting El Trece with Jorge Lanata who, as a respected investigative journalist, does nothing to hide his hatred of Peronism.

    C5N is the total opposite of course and Cronica? I don't even know which side that trash news station is on, but it does at least play The Dambusters theme Stars and Stripes Forever when reporting urgent news.

  • The only newspaper I read is the local rag. I use Google Translate which throws up some confusing translations. 'She' for 'he' being the most common one which gives me a few titters.

    The wife always says the newspaper's owner is a K arsehole and I shouldn't believe all that I read anyway. ^^