DIA Online shopping is useless!!

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  • The missus signed up to do a bit of online shopping from the local DIA. First purchase was ten tins of tuna that were on a great offer. All went according to plan and she collected them next day.

    Next purchase was for 8 2litre bottles of Villavicencio water. Paid for them and went a couple of days later to collect. The girl brought the tray out which contained only four bottles. My wife told her she'd paid for 8. The girl came back and sad she'd be refunded the cost of the missing bottles as they had none left. Five days later still no refund so she contacted Dia to ask what the hell was going on. Took several days before she got the money back.

    Last Saturday she ordered and paid for 20 bottles of Villavicencio. Went yesterday to collect them and the chap brought out 3. She kicked up hell and said they were taking her money under false pretences. Fortunately the money was refunded this morning. I was always under the impression if they didn't have enough in stock to cover your order the site wouldn't allow you to complete the purchase? Seems not, according to what they told her yesterday.

    So no more online shopping at Dia for us. :thumbdown:

  • That's horrible. I have had negative experiences with online shopping with Jumbo, but through the Rappi app (I was subscribed at the time, and I had free shipping from Jumbo).

    I was interested in buying a specific brand of organic rice, and after visiting a location with none left, I thought to use the app. However, the location where the app delivery girl went had none, so my order was cancelled. The app didn't let me choose where to shop (physical store).

    I was left confused by the experience as I was promised delivery in 30' but the order was cancelled after 60'. I wasn't charged, luckily.

    However, in another instance I ordered food through the app. It was stated it would arrive in 30-45', which was fine since it was just 1 PM. However, 3 hours later and my order hadn't yet been prepared, nor collected, nor traveling to me. I then opened a ticket (it was almost 4 pm and that was my lunch!!), the operator pushed it and in 30' it was finally ready to be dispatched. When it arrived, it was all crushed, so I opened another ticket. I got immediately a full refund, but in the form of credit to be used on the same app.

    To be fair, I had 12 months to spend it. However, in Argentina money loses value so quickly that you'd better spend any credit as soon as possible.

  • Yes all very poor, especially considering many offers are only available online these days. I just don't like the way they allow you to purchase then when you go to collect tell you they can't give you what you've paid for but hang on to your money.

    Might give La Anonima online shopping a go just to see if they're more reliable.

  • I'm going to try this with Coto or Carrefour, being mindful to equip myself with the appropriate armour first.

    My experience with Coto is extremely positive, provided I have only used it twice. Before traveling to Italy I was asked to bring a specific brand of dulce de leche (Poncho Negro) but I couldn't find it in the 3 Coto stores I had visited, so I ordered it online. There was even an offer with my card, so I even saved money, and the delivery cost was reasonable. I was sent a PIN code to tell the delivery guy to prove it was actually me (besides the address and the DNI).

    On the day of the delivery (you can pick a day and a time range between morning-afternoon-evening), I got an email abou 10-15' before delivery time with a real-time tracker of their vehicle (which is an anonymous white minivan). The tracking was extremely accurate and I was downstairs even before they rang my bell. They were doing other deliveries on the same block, which is why I was seeing them in my block but they had not yet rang my bell.

  • I was browsing Vea's online site and saw they had 1 litre bottles of Quilmes Doble Malta on a 3for2 offer. That brought the price down to $1364 each which was just too good to miss. So I completed the purchase of six bottles using my details and bank card. To collect them today between 4pm and 6pm so we'll see how they perform compared to Dia.

    My experience with Coto is extremely positive,

    That's more like it. :thumbup:

    Sadly we don't have a Coto here.

  • We use Coto every two weeks - even though the delivery cost recently jumped from 500 pesos to one thousand , it's still a good deal.

    We tend to use it for all the pain in the neck stuff, like water and soft drinks.

    And , we will add in some of the special offers- the good thing with Coto is that the specials on when you make the order still apply even though they won't deliver for a day or two.

    The other good thing is the 15% Coto community discount always applies every day.

    they always come during the time period they mention.

    Occasionally some stuff is missing because of being out of stock, but that is life.

    My report on Dia to follow.

  • We use Coto every two weeks - even though the delivery cost recently jumped from 500 pesos to one thousand , it's still a good deal.

    Since the pandemic we have Coto deliver once per month for mostly the bulk commodities, plus any deals I see. The only day (always a Wednesday) of each month that they have the 20% promotion via diario Club La Nación without any limit to the refund amount. The promo is on Wednesday, but can have it delivered on a later day. Occasionally an item is out of stock. Always within the 3-4 hour time window given. Only complaint is the drivers disable the real time tracking, they usually call 2-5 minutes before they arrive.

    Laanonima we do occasionally for a quick few items to be ready at pickup window. They usually have it ready in the afternoon if I order it in the morning. Then no waiting on the Q.

  • Strangely enough when the store here opened it was branded as Disco. Then less than a year later it was changed to Vea. Never found out why. :scratchead:

    Of course! Son of a Disco!

    Maybe7-8 years ago, our n’hood small Disco shut down and was soon replaced by a Vea, which was even more inadequate than its predecessor. Far fewer options, wilted, unrefrigerated produce, dripping pkgs of chicken.

    Now that is gone as well, with a condo bldg going up on its narrow footprint.