Have you lost your native accent?

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  • Many people lose their native accent if they move away from home for a long period. I used to have a Welsh accent, as did most of my family, but it's largely disappeared now.

    Gary OIdman now takes elocution lessons to regain his original English accent because he lives in California, but Calvin Harris still retains his Dumfries accent to the surprise of many. In fact, many of his fans didn't even know he was Scottish.

    If you live away from your native land it's only natural that osmosis will take effect, but it's good to see how many people buck that trend.

    How has Calvin Harris kept his accent?
    Why does the Brit Award winner still sound Scottish when others lose their accent much more quickly?

  • I still have my accent, although I am convinced to speak with no accent in my native language. It was a revelation when I listened to my own voice messages on whatsapp. I think my accent may be stronger than my mates!! I am very proud of it, though.