Real Estate Price in Argentina

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  • We are spending a week at an apartment in front of the ocean that my husband's family has owned for over 50 years. Currently, there is a family feud over it because they can't agree on a sales price. This has been dragging on for 6+ years, so every time we come here we wonder how much the apartment is worth.

    The apartment value was also professionally assessed before and after the pandemics, by different real estate agencies from different sides of the family. Obviously, they didn't match - the agent of the family interested to buy the property calculated a price which 20% less than the price calculated by the family who will get paid out.

    I have just checked on Zonaprop for similar properties and I am seeing prices that are twice as much, if not more. Who the heck has 300 k USD to spend on a vacation home in Mar del Plata? It is cheaper to buy on the Italian coast and the sea is much better.

  • Perhaps the people spending that kind of money are from Uruguay or Argentina, have plenty of $$, and want to be able to come and go frequently, instead of having to spend 2 days flying when they have an urge to go to the beach?

    Or maybe they are investing in property to rent to beachgoers?