Caputo tells Cristina to shut up!

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  • Luis 'Toto' Caputo, the minister for economy, hits back at Cristina Kirchner after her X comments, basically telling her to shut the fuck up.

  • It all looks like Greek to me.

    Or is it just Spanish?

    I put an English translation in the original post:


    Madam, it is never too late to learn a very basic economic concept that unfortunately you have always ignored:

    Debt is only taken when there is a fiscal deficit.

    The entire fiscal deficit of the last 16 years was generated by you in your 12 years in office.

    8 as president and 4 as vice president.


    managed to reduce that deficit during his term in office and


    directly eliminated it in one month.

    In other words, all the debt that was generated in the last 16 years was a consequence of your economic policies.

    I invite you to have a bit of dignity and remain silent while good Argentines make the enormous effort to endure and overcome the economic disaster of your last 4 years of government, undoubtedly the worst in Argentine history.