Another shooting in a Floridian high school leaves 17 dead

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  • Not a fan of firearms, and convinced that it wouldn't be that bad to regulate them heavily, what I still do not have an explanation for is: why schools?

    Aren't there frustrated employees? Churchgoers with a passion for big guns and hatred for sinners? Racist groups? Why is it always schools? :scratchead:

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  • Good question. But not limited to only schools. Las Vegas, night clubs, churchs, ...

    The pain still not enough for `we the people` to demand a change.

    So far all is just fine and dandy.

  • The newest sign of democracy is the ability to buy (and use) firearms freely. Not many people buy this idea outside of the US, though!

    Right. Land of the free, home of the brave.

    After every mass murder like this one, people who raise questions about gun regulations are routinely shouted down by the minions of the National Rifle Assn and others with ve$ted intere$ts in letting guns proliferate, unchecked. Then we hear nothing until the next avoidable mass murder.

  • The three children ( now grown up) of one of my friends in USA attended this school. They are tremendously upset as they have friends who still go there and they know many of the teachers.

    Its is quite spooky that Parkland was named the safest city in Florida , the day before.....

  • This is a post from Lara who went to the school in Parkland.

    "My heart has been beating erratically since this afternoon, that nervous, scary feeling that starts in your chest but spreads to your stomach and shakes your hands. Disbelief. Anger. Grief. Today, on Valentine's Day, my alma mater joined a list that is a stain on this country, a list that was pages too long from its very first entry: a list of American school shootings.

    I've spent the evening looking through old yearbooks, reaching out to old friends, crying over posts on my feed from friends and family back in Parkland and Coral Springs still trying to locate their children. I can't even imagine that grief, and the unspeakable grief of those families that know that their children will never be coming home.

    So I weep for my school, for my town. I cherish my memories of Douglas, of drama club, of eating lunch in the courtyard (watch out for falling stucco!), and forging life-long friendships. It was idealistic. School shootings don't happen in places like that. Not in our town. Except they do.

    But I also weep because I realise, with shame that I have not wept for other mass shootings, not for a long time. I wept after Sandy Hook; the whole nation wept. And then we did nothing. Now, I read about school shootings and mass shootings with disgust, shake my head with anger, and then they fade away in a week. How numb we have become.

    It should not take your own school becoming a grave yard for you to weep. We should be falling to our knees with every unimaginable event, shaking with sorrow, reeling from anger. And then we should be standing up and taking action.

    It takes one person to commit these murders, but it takes us all to stand by and let it happen again and again.

    Stand up. Stand up. Stand up. We need stronger gun control NOW."

  • All we ever hear are words and platitudes which fall on deaf ears and nothing is done to curb gun control.

    What will it take for the NRA to change its position? A stronger president?

    Even strong presidents in favor of gun safety legislation seem to be powerless against the NRA, who contribute very, VERY heavily to the campaign funds of the great majority of senators and congress members. These courageous souls, time and again, are unwilling to pass legislation of even the most basic kind, despite the wishes of their own constituents, who are simply not as important to them as their NRA supporters. Who loves ya, Baby?

  • I neglected to say that the NRA's (and gun mfgrs') hold on the lily-livered members of Congress is twofold: they can withhold campaign contributions from those who don't vote their way, AND they threaten to put that money to work AGAINST congresspersons who dare break from them.

    Even those who have tried hard for campaign finance reform have their hands out to the gun lobby. Senator McCain, co-author of the McCain-Feingold Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, has received nearly $8 million from the NRA.

    I agree with Porte. Never going to happen.

  • What will it take for the NRA to change its position?

    What did it take to abolish slavery from the Constitution?

    Sincerely, (don't mistake it for a joke), the solution is crystal clear, "We the ..." are safer if "We .." had more guns. Our SACRED COW.

    Don't let the mental retards fool you otherwise.

    My apologies, don't know how to link the song "We don't need no education"

    It Will take a courageous soul to OPPOSE "... The People" and tell them the Constitution is WRONG.


  • My apologies, don't know how to link the song "We don't need no education"


    Just paste the youtube URL (see below what I am referring to) in the message, the forum coding will do the rest! Try it out.

  • The students of this Florida high school are sparking a reaction around the United States, with demonstrations by students in multiple cities today and a major march on Washington being planned next month.

    This fight against entrenched monied interests will be a Sisyphean one, but it has begun with determination and passion. Let us hope that it will gain traction and maintain momentum until change is achieved.

    Bravo to these students!