Too little too late in my opinion

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  • There have been plenty of incidents, where the violence against the West Bank have gone unheeded, now in election year, Biden decides to do something against these Israeli settlers, and only a handful of people has the US put sanctions on them

    US sanctions Israeli settlers over West Bank violence
    The US president sanctions four Israeli settlers accused of attacking Palestinians.

    Houses raided and bulldozed in the same night, imprisoning the West Bank settlers without any reason

    If Biden wanted to make any real impact on these Israeli settlers, he would have imposed sanctions on Netanyahu and his ministers themselves, since they keep "claiming" they been dealing with the settlers themselves, of which they've been aided by the IDF, with due diligence of what's been going on, right in front of them

  • I must admit, whenever it comes on to the TV news I no longer give it much if any of my attention. It's been going on now so long there doesn't seem to be any end to it. Ukraine will probably go the same way.