Argentina neighbor news: Brazil

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  • The US Cattlemen’s Association has long, and successfully, fought against beef imports, even in the small amounts that wistful travelers returning from Argentina would SO like.

    This article discusses the current fight against Brazilian beef exports. In this new round, the Cattlemen (brings up visions of JR Ewing, doesn’t it?) are joined by such unlikely partners as environmentalists, including a dozen British lawmakers.

    Unlikely Allies Want to Bar a Brazilian Beef Giant From U.S. Stock Markets (Gift Article)
    Environmentalists and American meat producers alike are asking regulators to keep JBS, the world’s biggest meatpacker, off the New York Stock Exchange.

  • Following his North American idol, Bolsonaro seems to have been unwilling enough to let go of the presidency that he was happy to undermine his own country.

    According to the NYT today,

    Former President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil oversaw a broad conspiracy to hold on to power regardless of the results of the 2022 election, including personally editing a proposed order to arrest a Supreme Court justice, according to accusations unveiled on Thursday by the Brazilian federal police.

    “Mr. Bolsonaro and dozens of top aides, ministers and military leaders worked together to undermine the Brazilian public’s faith in the election and set the stage for a potential coup, the federal police said.

    Their efforts included spreading disinformation about voter fraud, drafting legal arguments for new elections, recruiting military personnel to support a coup, surveilling judges and encouraging and guiding protesters who eventually raided government buildings, police said.

    “The explosive allegations were contained in a 134-page court order that authorized a sweeping federal police operation on Thursday that targeted Mr. Bolsonaro and about two dozen of his political allies, including Brazil’s former defense minister, former national security adviser, former justice minister and former head of the Navy.”

    Brazil Police Accuse Bolsonaro and Allies of Attempted Coup
    Brazilian federal police raided the former president’s top allies on accusations that they attempted to overturn the results of the 2022 election.

  • Just as Carnival reaches its height in Rio, Brazil has announced a dengue fever emergency, and public health officials say this foreshadows a surge in dengue throughout the Americas.

    Brazil’s dramatic increase in cases is a direct result of the record heat and high rainfall, which have increased the number of breeding sites for mosquitoes.

    Dengue case numbers have already greatly increased in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay in the summer months.

    Dengue Fever: What You Need To Know About The Mosquito-Borne Threat Surging Worldwide
    Dengue, also known as breakbone fever, is spread through the bites of mosquitoes common throughout much of the United States.

  • Same here. Dengue and equine encephalitis have both been on the increase.

    Plus just last week a doctor friend of my wife told her Covid is back on the increase as well. She recommended we get vaccinated asap.

  • I’m going to bet y’all are in the top 1% of vaccine-aware people that we know, UK Man . Kudos!


    The missus says the info on the VacunatePBA App is not to be relied upon as it only lists 5 out of the 6 vaccinations we've had. The 6th was almost six months ago so according to her we'll be due another soon.

  • Brazil has just become the largest country to decriminalize recreational marijuana. After almost ten years of deliberations, the Supreme Court voted to remove penalties on possession of up to 40 grams for personal use, although the country still restricts medical marijuana usage.

    Argentina was a leader in decriminalizing pot for personal use in 2009, followed by Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Uruguay.

    Brazilian Supreme Court votes to decriminalize personal use of marijuana
    Brazil's highest court voted Tuesday to decriminalize the possession of marijuana for personal use after nearly 10 years of deliberating, but more decisions…

  • We see people smoking dope everywhere in BsAs. I have to say that I’d rather have the police chasing thieves and muggers than kids getting high.

    But of course it’s not either-or, since they don’t actually enforce any laws at all, do they?