Jordan US base attack

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  • Following the deaths of three US service personnel at a US base in Jordan, an attack claimed by an Iran-backed militia, the US has a difficult decision to take, but the president must retaliate in some form or another. We only have to look at what's happening in the Red Sea, much of which was kicked off by the deadly Hamas attack on Israel.

    Naturally, Republicans are calling Biden weak, but an attack on Iran would provoke a widespread war, so perhaps some surgical strikes on Iran militia bases in Iraq and Syria?

    Why and how are Iran-backed terrorists based in Iraq anyway?

    Jordan base attack: What options does US have to respond?
    Failure to act decisively risks sending a message of weakness - act too forcefully and things could escalate.

  • While The Former Guy might have felt a rush by bombing Iran back to the Stone Age, President Biden knows better than to react in just the way the militants, and certain republicans, are trying to push him. He will respond on his own timetable, not theirs.